We are moving right along in 2010! To celebrate, Tribute Waters is going weekly! So, check back every Friday for another exciting page!

I’ve finished inking and lettering the rest of this scene, and have dutifully thumbnailed/set up my pages for the next scene through page 19. Tribute Waters is all digital, from pencils to inks, I work in a wonderful program called Manga Studio for all the art, and do the lettering and book set up inside InDesign. I quickly draw or redraw my layouts, from my thumbnails in my physical sketchbook, inside shiny new files. That way, all I have to do is open each file and start penciling. It really keeps me in the groove.

I’m also happy that my guest comic stint over at UrbanFey.net has really helped me get quicker at my own pages. This is a YAY I think we all can believe in!